A new report has claimed that UK manufacturers lose £1.4 billion per year as a result of old lighting systems.

The report, The Light Bulb Moment, produced by Vita Energia, suggests that the losses result from a reluctance to upgrade from 1950s lighting systems.

The report claims that the replacement or refurbishment of current T12 fluorescent systems could save as much as 10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year in the UK. To produce the report, 500 on-site surveys were carried out showing that industrial lighting energy use could be cut by an average of 58.6 per cent through upgrading fittings with specially designed reflectors and the installation of lower wattage, high efficiency lamps and ballasts.

The report goes on to suggest that metal halide or sodium fittings can be upgraded to emit better quality lighting using less energy, alongside retrofitting to downsize light fittings without reducing light levels.

By Nick Birss www.lighting.co.uk