Voltage Reduction

Voltage optimisation (VO) is the foundation of every energy efficiency program.

By using voltage optimisation, we can help you keep the supply to your devices at an optimal voltage – potentially saving 30% on your energy bills. The average voltage in the UK is 240v, yet all electrical and electronic devices are designed to run at 210v -220v, which means the extra voltage is lost in inefficiencies and heat within your devices.

Voltage optimisation simply put:
•    Cuts your energy use by up to 20%
•    Reduces carbon emissions by 15%
•    Decreases your maximum demand by 15%
•    Prolongs the lifespan of all electrical equipment in your premises, which run on electricity.

As well as the above benefits this solution requires zero maintenance or monitoring and is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Simply put - you just fit and forget!

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